Quick and Easy AIS Reconciliation with Express Reco

Smart Reconciliation, Seamless Integration: Books vs. AIS

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  • 15-day free trial

Effortless Client Creation

  • An intuitive and user-friendly design that makes client creation a breeze.

  • Streamlined process with minimal steps to get clients created swiftly.

  • Built-in checks and validations to ensure accurate client information.

  • Ensure client information is protected with robust security measures

Party Mapping Redefined!

Seamlessly reconcile:

Seamlessly reconcile data between Books and AIS by displaying mapped parties, ensuring accuracy in financial records.

Minimize errors:

Minimize errors by accurately mapping parties, enhancing the reliability of reconciliation results.

Auditing and Compliance:

Generate detailed reports on mapped parties, aiding in auditing and compliance requirements.

Smooth Reconciliation:

Navigate through mapped parties with ease, ensuring a smooth reconciliation experience.

Harmonizing Transactions, Uniting Accuracy

Transaction Mapping:
  • Conduct a detailed examination of transactions, categorizing them based on key criteria such as Section, Transaction Date, Tax Value, and Status.

  • Access in-depth insight of each transaction, providing a clear understanding of its components.

  • Improve reconciliation accuracy and streamline the process by categorizing transactions, adjusting settings to match requirements, and accessing detailed breakdown quickly and easily.

  • Identify and reconcile omitted transactions by reviewing mapping data, ensuring completeness in transaction mapping and accuracy in reconciliation.

  • Adjust tolerance values to suit specific business requirements, providing flexibity in transaction mapping and reconciliation.

Reconciliation with Clear Insights

  • Get a comprehensive view of your reconciled transactions.

  • Easily check transactions based on their status or matching criteria, providing the flexibility needed for thorough reconciliation.

  • Calculate risk from Books vs. AIS transactions, prompting users to follow up with deductors for TDS return filing.

  • Navigate through reconciliation data with ease, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Easy Navigation

Fast implementation:
  • Easy navigation To Reconciliation Summary.

  • No Need to hop to different pages.

Other Features

Process Heavy Data
Process Heavy Data

⦿ Handle large volumes of data
⦿ Suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

⦿ Seamless Integration with Related Compliances for Hassle-Free Management
⦿ Integration with the Income tax portal and Auto Syncing.
⦿ Integration with Traces portal and Auto Syncing.

PAN Verification
PAN Verification

⦿ Verify PAN details to ensure accuracy and compliance.
⦿ Automatically correct the "Name" based on PAN data, ensuring accurate and consistent information.

Expert Support
Expert Support

⦿ Reliable customer support for assistance with any queries or issues.
⦿ Knowledgeable tax experts for personalized assistance.

Software Auto-update
Software Auto-update

⦿ Stay compliant with the latest tax regulations as the software automatically updates to reflect the most recent government tax amendments.

Anywhere Anytime:
Anywhere Anytime:

⦿ Experience the convenience of accessing your AIS reconciliation data anytime, anywhere, with our cloud technology.